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YOUth LEADership Pathway

Calling youth interested in taking action! The LAB Learning Action Buffet proudly announces our new YOUth LEADership Pathway. If you are a young person, ages 15-25, consider reaching out to us if you wish to join our pathway, beginning as a volunteer, then a paid intern, and possibly part-time employee.


Get hands-on experience with the LAB by helping at events and on projects, as a LAB Youth Volunteer.

Paid Intern

Get paid a stipend as you continue your work with projects, as a LAB Youth Leader.

Part-Time Employee

As a LAB Youth Leader or Mentor, you'll have the ability work on projects that are in your field of interest, academia, and career.

The Benefits of a Pathway

Beginning in a volunteer position, youth will have the opportunity to sit on LAB meetings, speak to key decision-makers, and have great influence over ongoing and upcoming projects. Additionally, as our youth have the opportunity to oversee ongoing and upcoming projects, they will have the ability to foster their interests and skills.


As youth focus on their skills and areas of interest, they will have the opportunity to progress through the pathway into a paid or stipend position. As a benefit of this pathway, youth not only get to develop their skills and passions, but they will also have more time and opportunity to network with community members, leaders, and other youth before focusing on their primary interests.

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